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TZK Aerofuels
5-1,Khodynsky bulvar, Moscow, Russia,125252

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fax.+7 499 762 9124

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  18.02.2020    531,5    USD/MT  
23 Dec

The Russian aviation lines carried about 120 million passengers for eleven months of 2019. The traffic volume growth exceeded 10% in comparison with the similar last year period, and passenger turnover increased by 13%.

According to Federal Air Transport Agency information, only in November this year the growth of passenger traffic (compared with November 2018) made 4%, and the passenger turnover reached 23,6 billion of passenger-kilometers, which is 9% greater than November 2018 passenger performance metrics.

For information: in 2017 the Russian aviation lines carried 105 million passengers, in 2018 – 116 million passengers, and in 2019, according to preliminary estimates, the ridership will approach to 129 million.

06 Dec

During a period from 2000 till 2010-2011 the naphtha-based aviation fuel was sold in the European Fuel Exchanges at the prices consistently exceeding the prices for the kerosene-based aviation fuel: averagely, the difference in products cost achieved 250%. On the basis of this tendency having been kept for a long period of time the aviation fuels market experts and analysts predicted further growth of naphtha-based aviation fuel price up to 270-280% of kero price.

But for the last decade significant changes occurred in these petroleum products cost ratio. In the Baltic States and Poland new different grade naphtha-based aviation fuel manufacturing factories were opened, and due to new manufacturers appearance in the European market the naphtha-based aviation fuel prices began to decrease. By early 2019 they practically got equal but in November this year the naphtha-based aviation fuel was quoted significantly cheaper than the kerosene-based aviation fuel in Exchanges. Thus, for example, based on the latest trading data of the Northwest European Fuel Exchange it is known that the cost of the kerosene-based aviation fuel made about 620 US dollars/ton and the cost of the naphtha-based aviation fuel made 603 US dollars/ton.

31 Oct

Aerofuels Kamchatka refueling complex (TZK) has prolonged air services jet fuel supply and aviation fuels quality control Conformity Certificates in the international airport of Yelizovo (Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky) for three years – up to the end of 2022. Certification was held in October within the civil aviation facilities Certification System by the State Research Institute of Civil Aviation of the Ministry of Transport of Russia. During the inspection was noted a high professional level of the personnel of the company which nowadays is a flagship in the field of aircraft refueling specialists training in the Far Eastern District.

Aerofuels Kamchatka TZK is a member of 28 refueling complexes network of Aerofuels Group and has been successfully operating in the airport of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky for more than ten years. It became the first regional alternative TZK over the post-Soviet territory having been built from Greenfield and meeting both Russian and international standards. TZK possesses its own aviation fuels quality control laboratory and up-to-date aerodrome refuelers fleet. It guarantees to its customers a high quality certified fuel supply having passed all required inspections.